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Benefits of Summer Camp Programs

Summer is the time of the year when your kids may take a break from school and have a lot of fun with their families and friends in the neighborhood. What if we told you that there is another way you may give your kids a pleasant and productive summer besides letting them stay home … Continue reading

Should You Enroll Your Child in Rockville, MD Montessori Summer Camp?

As the school year comes to a close, many parents begin to wonder what’s next for their children. While summer fun is important, you certainly don’t want your child to lose the information they’ve worked hard to retain throughout the school year. But are summer schools or day care centers the answer to parents’ need … Continue reading

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Summer Camp

Summer is a magical time for kids. School’s out and they have plenty of time to do the things they love. However, after a week or two, boredom starts to creep in. You’ll start to notice that your kids are glued on their smartphones, playing online games. Fortunately, there is a sheer number of preschool … Continue reading