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Montessori Language Development

Our Montessori Language Development Program in Rockville Language development is ingrained in everyday life and therefore encouraged in a Montessori classroom through freedom of conversation, self-expression, and communication between peers, children, and adults. The Montessori classroom is organized in such a way that all lessons lend themselves naturally towards the development of written and oral … Continue reading

Caretakers vs. Caring: Meaningful Difference

You love and care for your children. You would give your last breath to save their life. You work hard, only wanting to provide the very best for them, both financially and emotionally. You lose sleep worrying about them, sacrifice self-luxuries in order to buy for them, you work – often exhausted day and night … Continue reading

What Makes Montessori Schools Different from Traditional Education?

Imagine walking into a preschool classroom. Two students are finger painting at an easel in the corner, a group of five is actively creating a city out of colored blocks, and another small group is matching rhyming pictures. At the center of it all, a teacher bends down to meet the eyes of a little … Continue reading

Healthy Lunchbox Tips for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Every parent wants their child to maintain a balanced diet that will help them grow. Healthy eating habits are formed when your child is very young, and the process isn’t always easy. However, guiding your child toward making healthy food decisions doesn’t need to be a daunting task of forced vegetables and temper tantrums at … Continue reading

3 Ways to Be a Great Montessori Parent

Is your child enrolled in a Montessori school? Parents across the nation love the Montessori method of teaching, which encourages their children to pursue individual learning interests and inspires a true passion for knowledge. Montessori schools practice facilitated learning with a concentration on independent focuses. Montessori parents generally see increased levels of engagement from their … Continue reading

Don’t forget to ask your child about his day at school!

How many times have you asked, “How was your day?” Just to get a generic response, “fine” or “good”. Being a good parent you follow-up with “What did you do today?” And then get “nothing” as the answer. It can be very frustrating asking questions that elicit only a one-word response. So, today when your … Continue reading