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Car Seat Safety

Motor vehicle related accidents are the leading cause of death amongst children every year in the United States. According to the CDC, more than 800 children aged 14 years and younger died in 2011 from motor vehicle crashes, and over 180,000 children were injured. Most of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented. The … Continue reading

What You Can Do At Home To Promote The Montessori Philosophy

As we have been conducting our workshops on Montessori Education, one of the questions we have heard from several of our parents is, “What things can I do at home that will promote the Montessori Montessori at Homephilosophy?”. Promoting independence is the key when finding things for your child(ren) to do at home, something that … Continue reading

Have You Heard?

Our very own Mr. Denis has been hard at work creating videos that tell stories about the experiences our students are having here at Norbeck. These videos are meant to tell a story about the fun and hard work some of the children are exploring on a daily basis. A Little Bit About Denis Denis … Continue reading

Must Toys Be “Educational”?

We are always looking for information that may be helpful to our parents and we came across this article that we thought would be a good share. It does an excellent job of explaining the Montessori approach to toys and recommends ways they can be integrated into the play environment. We hope you enjoy! Must … Continue reading

Why Send Your Child to Preschool?

Preschool has become a huge part of children’s education in the past decades and it is important for your child to go. Here are some solid reasons why you should send your child to preschool. It will give your child a leg up in kindergarten. Your child will be better suited at socializing with other … Continue reading