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Norbeck Montessori’s Big K Graduation

kids smilingOn June 10th Norbeck Montessori recognized the great accomplishments of our Big K class as we celebrated their graduation. Our oldest students have worked hard this year with Mr. Denis and Ms. Esmeralda to finalize their Montessori learning experience and prepare for first grade. Our graduation ceremony is a fun and loving recognition of the accomplishments throughout the year. One of the most anticipated elements is always the look ahead, where Mr. Denis and the other lead teachers share where the children plan to be in the coming years, what career they will choose, who they will marry, how many children they will have, where they will live, etc. It is always fun to hear the answers for our kindergartner’s perspective! For the teachers, it is a time to reflect how far these students have come, starting when they were as young as two years old and progressing through the years. From learning how to sit on the line to being able to read books and do math problems, it is so rewarding to see their progress. How quickly the years go by! So seeing these children on “stage” reciting a poem and singing a song was such a wonderful thing to watch. After the ceremony the teachers, parents, and graduates were able to enjoy some cake and juice while mingling, taking pictures and just having a great time.

A special thank you to Mr. Denis and Ms. Esmeralda for a beautiful ceremony and thank to our Big K parents for all the love you have given us these last several years and for giving us the chance to be with your child(ren) for all these years.

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