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Daycare in Rockville, Maryland

Social Growth Through Parallel Play

In the enchanting world of childhood development, our Montessori emerges as a beacon of excellence, nurturing young minds through innovative educational methods. As a premier Montessori school in Rockville, Maryland, we recognize the profound significance of parallel play. Parallel play, often observed in toddlers, is a crucial stage in the blossoming of social skills. We … Continue reading

Building Your Child’s Reading Skills

Good reading skill enhances your child’s emotional and intellectual development. It will help set them up for success later in life! As your child learns to read, you can help improve their abilities. Here’s how you can do that: Build a reading routine A reading habit will increase your child’s reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, recognize … Continue reading

Enhancing Child’s Communication Skills

Communicating with your child can be tricky, especially at a young age; they may not be able to express themselves like an adult does. However, enrolling your kid at a preschool in Maryland offers them opportunities to communicate. Here are some things you can do to help them, too. Speak clearly Remember that your child … Continue reading

How to Support Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is when children acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to think, reason, and solve problems. Supporting your child’s cognitive development is crucial to their overall growth and success in life. It’s prevalent in any preschool in Maryland. Here are some practical tips to help you nurture your child’s cognitive abilities: Encourage Interactive Play Play … Continue reading

The Role of Play in Child Development

Play is an essential aspect of a child’s life, offering countless opportunities for learning, growth, and development. Through play, children acquire critical skills contributing to their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. There’s a preschool in Maryland that incorporates play into its curriculum well. They value the importance of play-based learning. Here are some key … Continue reading

The Many Methods Of Gaining New Knowledge

Knowledge exists in every corner of this world. Harnessing this knowledge is a vital step to helping kids thrive in life. Even in early childhood education, introducing kids to new pieces of knowledge is a focus. As a preschool in Maryland, we are honored to be part of the many initiatives to impart important pieces … Continue reading