Daycare in Rockville, Maryland

Simple Techniques to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

The most common challenge to parents nowadays is limiting their kids’ screen time. If you can relate to this dilemma, there’s no need to worry. To help you raise kids with healthy boundaries around screens, we’ve compiled the top three techniques to effectively manage screen time. Lead by example As a provider of quality child … Continue reading

Simple Steps to Teach Your Child How to Make Friends

Making friends is essential in developing your child’s social and emotional skills. It also increases their sense of belonging. Even though some children can easily jump straight into social situations, other kids struggle. Here are tips and tricks to help boost your child’s confidence in approaching social situations: Observe how your child socializes Make sure … Continue reading

Should You Enroll Your Child in Rockville, MD Montessori Summer Camp?

As the school year comes to a close, many parents begin to wonder what’s next for their children. While summer fun is important, you certainly don’t want your child to lose the information they’ve worked hard to retain throughout the school year. But are summer schools or day care centers the answer to parents’ need … Continue reading

How to Spot and Nurture Your Child’s Talents

All children have a wide variety of talents and skills. For instance, a child might excel in arts and another in academics. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to nurture and discover your children’s abilities. Aside from enrolling your kids in a preschool in Maryland to help draw out their unique abilities, you also … Continue reading

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Summer Camp

Summer is a magical time for kids. School’s out and they have plenty of time to do the things they love. However, after a week or two, boredom starts to creep in. You’ll start to notice that your kids are glued on their smartphones, playing online games. Fortunately, there is a sheer number of preschool … Continue reading

The Importance of Art for Children

Artistic exploration is one area of childhood development that often gets overlooked. Especially since the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Common Core Standards, many schools have been forced to eliminate arts programs in an effort to reroute funds to more “important” subjects, such as math and reading. However, this move … Continue reading