We incorporate the Spanish language into the Montessori curriculum.

At Norbeck Montessori in Rockville, MD, you have the opportunity to give your child the gift of a second language. Our Spanish-English bilingual preschool and kindergarten classrooms offer a traditional Montessori experience in an environment that integrates both languages.

In the Spanish preschool classroom, morning activities including lessons, gathering time, snack, and celebrations introduce students to the Spanish language while still promoting the mastery of English. Studies show that the best time to introduce a new language to someone is when they are young. Also, children who see, hear, and experience that language absorb and retain it much easier than sitting in a typical classroom environment.

Why Learn Spanish in Preschool?

At the preschool and kindergarten age, children have a great window of opportunity for learning a foreign language! By working with our Montessori students from this young age, we help them develop a foundation that will help accelerate their ability to learn language skills in later years.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In fact, there are more Spanish speakers throughout the world than English speakers! Between the ages of three and five, your child’s vocabulary grows between 900 and 2500 words. Our teachers have developed special Spanish curriculum for preschool and kindergarten students according to the Montessori method to enhance your child’s language and critical thinking skills.

Benefits of Preschool Spanish Lessons

Benefits of learning Spanish at the preschool age (according to the Center for Applied Linguistics) include:

  • Positive effect on intellectual growth
  • Enriched and enhanced mental development
  • Greater mental flexibility, including creativity and multi-tasking
  • Improved understanding of their native language
  • Increased cultural competency and opens the door to a greater worldview
  • Early appreciation for other cultures
  • Potential for job opportunities where knowing a second language is an asset

Introduction to Spanish Preschool Enrichment Option

All Norbeck Montessori children not involved in the Spanish Integration program still have the opportunity to experience the Spanish language in their classrooms once a week! See the Enrichment Programs section for more details. If you wish for your child to take part in this program, you must denote this in the appropriate space on your school application. Acceptance into the Spanish Integration preschool program will be on a first come, first served basis in conjunction with our requirements of keeping the ages and genders balanced.

Is Norbeck Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten Near Me?

Although our Montessori school is located in Rockville, we have students who come from surrounding areas, including Aspen Hill, Colesville, Gaithersburg, Glenmont, Norbeck, Olney, Shady Grove, Silver Spring, Wheaton, and nearby areas of Montgomery County.

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