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Building Character, Building Resiliency in Kids

Character development is critical because our character will carry us far in life. It determines how far a person can progress. That is why it is critical to establish in your child the importance of not giving up easily in life. One of the most crucial attributes a person should have is resilience. How you … Continue reading

Building Your Child’s Love for Literature

Storytelling and book reading not only capture children’s attention, but it is also q terrific way to bond with your child. One of the most anticipated moments for kids is bedtime stories. Varied stories with new morals will let kids see things from a different perspective.   Not only that, but it helps children to … Continue reading

Benefits of Summer Camp Programs

Summer is the time of the year when your kids may take a break from school and have a lot of fun with their families and friends in the neighborhood. What if we told you that there is another way you may give your kids a pleasant and productive summer besides letting them stay home … Continue reading