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Tag Archives: Learning Environment

Signs Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

Preschool can be an exciting idea for many parents but as thrilling for their youngsters? It’s natural for parents to want the best for their children. To set them up for success as early as possible, they rely on early education opportunities to help their kids establish a strong foundation for learning. However, Preschool in … Continue reading

How Montessori Can Help with Children’s Development

The early stages of your children’s lives are crucial in helping them develop a life-long love for learning. That is why it is important to choose the best option for your children’s early childhood education. Choosing a high-quality early childhood education or preschool in Maryland will help your children build a strong foundation for their … Continue reading

The Unique Features of a Montessori Classroom

When you step into the classroom of a Montessori school, you may notice its welcoming, organized, and child-friendly environment. Each corner, piece of furniture, and learning material is designed and placed to increase accessibility to children and engage their imagination and natural curiosity. As a leading provider of child care in Rockville, Maryland, we share … Continue reading

A Healthy Childhood Curiosity: How to Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

As a leading Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, we recognize that every child is a world of knowledge if only they are guided well. We believe that this is best approached with the question-and-answer method. When your child is able to learn on their own, such as with our inquiry-based learning approach, the chance for … Continue reading